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Mantra Yoga - Sanskrit Chanting - Meditation
Steps to Self-Realisation via Advaita Vedanta

Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) is a world renowned Mystic and Mantra Yoga Master with 40 years experience in psychotherapy and yoga.

His wide-ranging yoga teachings encompass and integrate the following yoga teachings into a path with a heart...

Mantra Yoga Nada Yoga
Shabda Yoga Raja Yoga
Laya Yoga Samadhi

New Spiritual Fantasy

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Ifflepinn Island written and illustrated by Muz Murray

Ifflepinn Island - Paperback Edition & Audio CDs

At last! After sixty years in-the-writing, my long-awaited faerytale fantasy, "Ifflepinn Island" is finally published!

Our hero, Iffleplum — no ordinary ifflepinn — loses the spirit of his heart through fantasising knightly deeds of derring-do and battling monsters merely for the favour of a king.

“Don’t throw your heart away on wild deeds,” his Iffle-mother Mumkin had warned him. But alas! when his wild wishes suddenly come true, in fearful shock, the spirit of his heart flies out as he is whisked away on a terrifying and unexpected trip! Left a wanderer with an empty heart, his search to recapture his elfin-spirit once again plunges him into strange worlds and stranger encounters with Half-Elves, Wise-Arks, Men and Ghòrs, Trolls and Ogres, and more fantastical adventures than he ever dreamed, while learning many of life’s secrets along the way.

The story basically cultivates the message to “always follow one’s heart.” But it covers many other aspects to stimulate a child’s imagination. Sprinkled seamlessly throughout the narrative are spiritual insights regarding life and the after death state, the effects of thoughts, feelings and desires in the ether and other planes of existence. It also touches on meditation, timelessness, karma, Out-of-the-Body Experience, ecology and environmental issues, nature spirits, self-identity, Shabda Yoga, vegetarianism, freedom from fear and a sense of the deep mystical secrets of life (all explained in the simplest terms, appreciated by both children and adults alike).

Come! Let the Heartboat carry you away to Ifflepinn Island on an adventure like no other!

My editors believe this could be the emergence of a new children's classic—especially-for-adults—like all good solid read-aloud bedtime stories are.

Hint: First editions of children’s classics are always coveted in later years and eventually command huge prices from collectors.

Make an investment in enchantment and order your copy now!


Surya Dhyana - A Guided Visualisation on the Inner Sun

Surya (Solar) Yoga is an ancient practical method of focalising consciousness (dhyana) at the spiritual heart centre, awakening loving warmth in spirit and giving the lustre of light to your eyes to which even strangers respond. While visualising an Inner Sun in the centre of your being, coupled with the natural flow of your breath, loving radiations pour out your soul’s warmth to all creation, while protecting you from absorbing any negative energies from your environment and attuning you to a feeling Oneness with the world.

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    Surya Dyhana - A Guided Visualisation on the Inner Sun

Articles and Interviews

You are invited to explore the site and read some of Muz's Articles and Interviews...

    The Mysteries of Mantra:  Transformation by Conscious Sound

    The Forward to Muz's Book 'Sharing the Quest'

    Muz's Biography  and Life Sketch

    An Interview with Yoga Today

    Ramana Baba Village Trust


You are invited to explore Muz's YouTube Channel with Satsangs exploring subjects such as Cosmic Consciousness, Meditation, and Spiritual Practices, etc...

    Who Am I - Really?

    Video Interview with Muz Murray:


Video Courtesy of Ingrid Bosma & Job Groenewegen of OHM TV -

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Find out more about Muz and his teachings through his publications and recordings in his Online Shop where you can find source material for mantra study and mantra practice. You can even listen to some samples of Muz chanting some of the mantrams from his recordings.

Surya Dyhana

Surya Dhyana
A Guided Visualisation on the Inner Sun

New CD/MP3 Out Now!

This visualisation an extended version of the “Inner Sun” breathing practice used at the commencement of my Mantra Workshops (as described in “Healing the Sickness of the Soul,” the last chapter of Sharing the Quest). As the portal of Omnipresent Consciousness is in the heart region, this practice is an ideal method of stabilising consciousness—not in the head--but at its source of arising, where you naturally sense the centre of your being to be.

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Sharing the Quest

Sharing the Quest
3rd Edition

New Version Out Now!

Revised and expanded with
65 more pages

We are delighted to announce that the 3rd Edition of Sharing the Quest is available in two formats: as a printed version and as a searchable PDF eBook.

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Words on the Way
The Yoga Wordbook

The Golden Glossary of Philosophical, Mystical & Spiritual Sanskrit

Making Sense of Sanskrit - An Intelligent Seeker’s Guide to Understanding the Philosophical and Mystical Language of the Seers.

We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited Sanskrit Glossary is finally available as a searchable PDF eBook.

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The Complete Gandalf's Garden

If you missed out on what the Sixties were all about, here it is all in one package! The CD features all six issues of this famous magazine plus articles, reviews and photos.

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The Sound of Silence

Muz Murray’s fascinating exploration into the secrets of sound and the practical, mystical and psychotherapeutic aspects of mantra. Demonstration chants of many of the mantrams used in his workshops are on the CD.

Chanting the Chakras

A vibrant rendering of the ancient bija mantras, or ‘seed-sounds’ as used by Tantric adepts for the activation of the chakras.

Mantras of Empowerment

An intensive Mantra Workshop with a dynamic selection of energising mantras in the Tantric style. These mantras are for engendering positive results and conclusions in specific problem areas of life.

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“Muz Murray has pursued the way of the mystic with tremendous rigour and determination.”

Colin Wilson (Philosopher)

“Maestro Muz Murray is in my opinion one of the few genuine Western teachers in the world today. When he chants, these are not ordinary sounds we hear, but magical cadences, charged with subtle spiritual energies from the depths of a fully attuned being. His presence creates an atmosphere such as I have not found even in India. His voice and his eyes emanate something in the nature of disksha—spiritual transmission, and one feels purified in soul for long after a session.”

Prof. Johannes Felbermeyer (Indologist)
University of Rome

“Mantra has the blossoming of the heart as its central experience.”

Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)

Om Namah Shivaha - Swaha!!!